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Portrait of PichiAvo through their exhibition ‘Marbles and Bronzes’ at Stolen Space Gallery in London

This autumn we had the opportunity to rediscover PichiAvo‘s work in London at the opening of their exhibition ‘Marbles and Bronzes at Stolen Space Gallery on Brick Lane in Shoreditch.

PichiAvo is an artist duo who mix classical art and graffiti, taking inspiration from the masters of ancient sculpture and the precursors of graffiti in the 70s and 80s in the United States. They studied Fine Arts and Design and met on the Valencian graffiti scene. In 2007 Pichi and Avo (or Juan Antonio and Alvaro) decided to leave aside “the artist ego,” as they like to call it, in order to work in total collaboration and focus entirely on the final result of the artwork.

Marbles and Bronzes‘ is constructed as a study of the sculptures of the classical period, specifically those in marble and bronze.

Several black and white drawings are on display as well as numerous canvases. There is also a 3D work majestically placed in the centre of the gallery, like a miniature of the sculptures they represent throughout all their works.

PichiAvo pays homage to these exceptional classical sculptures. They bring back to life those mythical figures and statues that were in their time covered with colour! Over time the colour has disappeared and today we associate the beauty of these classical sculptures with their whiteness. PichiAvo gives them back colour and reinterprets them in a contemporary urban art style!

In their prolific work, they mix techniques and media: walls, canvases, statues… Their stroke of spray can and brush is almost translucent and the work on details is extremely meticulous, to the point of finishing some of their artworks with gold leaf.

Mural in Valencia

A small trademark, the light bulb, which is found on all their pieces as a small signature tag, is the symbol of the idea and creativity: ‘It’s a familiar element that everyone recognises and gradually with new technologies is disappearing despite attempts to maintain its place’ (PichiAvo interview for Graffiti Street).

Now well known artists they have participated in many international street art festivals and events such as POW WOW festival, the creation of the second largest mural in the world in collaboration with Vhils, participating in the opening of the Urban Nation in Berlin and making their debut in London with the exhibition ‘In Gods We Trust‘ in 2017 at the Unit Gallery.

Exhibition at the Carmen Cultural Centre – Valencia, 2019

As for us, we discovered them when they were exhibited in the Cloister of the Carmen Cultural Centre in Valencia in 2019. The images are insane and the association of graffiti in this heritage monument was quite magical. It was also in the same year they created the great Falla of Valencia, a 26-metre high sculpture!

In short, we are fans! Between history and street art the association of these themes is fascinating to us and this is actually what unites us at Invisible Walls 😊

Stolen Space is a gallery of the London artist D*Face which has been exhibiting urban contemporary art artists for 11 years. The exhibitions change regularly and lately we have seen works not only by D*Face but also Maye, Kai & Sunny and Brusk among others. The openings are always very nice and it’s a great opportunity to talk with the artists face to face or… on instragram live! Watch the live video between PichiAvo and the people present at the opening.

The exhibition is open until November 1st, 2020 at Stolen Space gallery:
17 Osborn Street
Open from 11am to 6pm from Thursday to Sunday, or by appointment Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

© All the pictures are by Invisible Walls.

→ If you want to find out more, you can discover another artist from Valencia: JANK!

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