Maye’s fragile balance

Maye is a French artist working in the public space. He started with graffiti and then evolved in the more institutionalised scene of international street art. His murals are inhabited by filiform, emaciated characters and his universe is a complex interweaving of details that embody a fragile balance.

‘Train de Vie’ by Maye – Screenprint
Collective exhibition ‘Fine Line’ (2020) at Stolen Space Gallery, London

Inspired by urban and nomadic cultures, his cities are covered with graffiti, his characters wear tattoos and his universe is rhythmed by music and games. The result plunges us into the depths of an atypical imagination and fills us with poetry.

Maye’s artworks are like tales one must take the time to contemplate in order to appreciate all their contents. The message conveyed in his work often refers to ecology and the excesses of our modern societies.

One of his mural can be seen in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, 131 boulevard Vincent Auriol, created as part of the Boulevard Paris 13 project. It evokes the Camargue region, from which he originates.

Discover his work here!

This article was originally published for Artenders, a French contemporary art media and artistic incubator.

Cover picture: painting by Maye, presented at the collective exhibition ‘Walking down the boulevard’ (2019) at Itinerrance gallery, in Paris.

© All the picture are by Invisible Walls.

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